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Hi, I am Nicole. I am a baker in my heart and an entrepreneur in my soul.


My Grandmother, Lula Bee, for whom this special bakery is named, was a tall, strong, and very loving woman.  Having survived a tough life in the Deep South and raising five of the best folks I know (my mom, aunts, and uncles), "cuddly" would not describe her character. But, when she did want to show sweetness to others, she’d put down her ivory plated pistol and bake a cake. Or pie. Or cobbler. Or something else that was absolutely guaranteed to taste better than what other Mommas and Grandmas made in their homes.


I grew up hearing lots of conversations that went something like this:

“This is definitely better than my momma’s, but don’t you dare tell her.”

“Yeah, this is WAY better than yo momma’s.”


Lula Bee took pleasure in watching your eyes give away the hidden secrets of your hungry soul—the secret that your Momma’s peach cobbler was mediocre while hers danced on your tongue lighter than  a tasty cloud. Grandma would eagerly watch people eat her desserts, looking for that joy in their eyes, and in turn finding her own kind of joy through the experience. I have grown to find my own kind of joy in the much of the same ways.


I take such pride in baking for people. I want to see and feel your experience as your eyes to tell me that was the best piece of cake, pie, or cobbler that you’ve ever had and that it was certainly better than your Momma’s. Don’t worry; you can trust me, I won’t tell her. It will be our little secret.


I live for obtaining the perfection of wonderfully baked goods. Baking is a science, and so being a baker basically makes me a scientist. But as any good scientist will tell you, part of the fun is failing and trying again until the perfect outcome. Lula Bee’s is a representation of that perfect outcome.


Why Choose Lula Bee’s?

Thanks to pride, genetics, and the opportunity of growing up with my pistol toting, pastry making Grandma,  what you will get from my special bakery is the very best we have to offer. You will get that perfect slice of cake that was baked fresh. You’ll get that brownie that is so good, you might forget to drink the milk alongside. You’ll get the little hand pie that’s so darn flaky, you’ll want to write a sonnet about it…or a rap song…whatever you’re into. You will have an experience that you will tell your Momma about it…maybe! Even if you say nothing, you will certainly want to. 


Check out what we have to offer, order yourself some treats, send me your comments, and read my blog.


Thanks for stopping by Lula Bee’s 

That's  me in the plaid and my grandmother looking down on me lovingly, both then and now

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